Monday, August 24, 2009

Blog Out Loud at BellJar

Last night we had the Blog Out Loud event at BellJar and it was a really great event. Thanks so much to the ladies for choosing my space to hold the event as well as all of you for coming out. I was surprised that I learned so much from the other panelist and it was a great reminder how important my blog is to both my business as well as to me personally.

Anyway I vow to be a better blogger for a day or two until I get incredibly busy at the shop or with everything else and it falls to the wayside again! xo Darlings-


Logan said...

It was a great event! If I could live inside BellJar I would, for real. Thanks for hosting!

Petunia Face said...

Not sure why I look so pissy in the first photo, and then in the second photo I look downright happy to see someone with that microphone.

It was wonderful to meet you, your blog and your amazing store. I'll be back soon, Visa in hand!

BellJar said...

Ok so there were two typos in that first round and attempt to blog about last night- Now do you see why I just post pretty picture?

Christy McDonald said...

That really was a great event! Thanks for so generously sharing your blogging secrets with us! What a fabulous group of interesting, talented, creative and inspiring women!!! Thanks again.

Oh, and I LOVE Bell Jar! I was in on Saturday and bought two beautiful pieces of vintage pottery (the robins egg blue ones) -- love them!!

Lorie Price Bischoff owner of Soulful Adornments Gallery said...

Hats off to BellJar, sure wish I could have caught up with you gals that night. Looked like great fun!
When Lynn from Paris Boutique Hotel came down to Seattle to meet me, well lets just say I know how much fun she can be! Love her! Lots of love lorie price bischoff
owner of Soulful Adornments Gallery

BellJar said...

Christy!!! Yes you got some great little pieces- Alix the sales boy said you were a total sweetie!