Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For the Little Goth in You

Loved to Death Taxidermy Jewelery. You have to love it...even if you hate it.

A statement from the artists about their art!

NO ANIMAL HAS EVER BEEN KILLED FOR THE USE IN OUR WORK. We BUY parts from highly respected taxidermists. Parts are recycled or are by-products. It is out of the respect and appreciation of the animal to do this rather than just discard of these parts. We, as ARTISTS, find beauty in these parts. We see it as a memorial to the animal passed. The pieces we make truly are crafted with love. We love these animals and what we do.

Audra & Brennan

1 comment:

angela simione said...

oh, oh, oh, i love these! looks like i'm going to have to twart a bill or two and pick one of these up instead. art trumps responsibility yet again.