Friday, June 26, 2009

Darling Studio for Rent

Hi all- Since I love all you BellJar Darlings I decided to post my super cute studio apartment for rent here before craigslist! It's just under my house and we will share the pretty backyard. We can have BBQ's together. Interior Design consultations included!

Lovely, sunny studio apartment over looking garden. One main room, bathroom and kitchen and direct access to garden. Plenty of sunlight, hardwood floors and a great view. Off street so incredibly quiet. 1175.00 includes water garbage, electricity, and DSL. washer and dryer in the garage. Downstairs from my house so I'm looking for a nice person that I wouldn't mind bumping elbows with. Someone who loves pets cuz I've got plenty! Close to muni, bart, Mission Street bus, 280, and 101 freeways. Great for commuters. It's in the excelsior, which people always think is too far out but it takes me like 8 min. to drive to the mission and my roomate doesn't have a car, and totes likes living out here. Really the excelsior is the new Mission- Would I lie to you?








Main Room

Main Room 2



PastoralVelo said...

I would so live there... just need a significant other to split the rent with.... any takers?

lisa golightly said...

Darling ! I have a close friend looking right now in the city for a place. So glad to have found your blog ... love love love your shop !!!


chanolong said...

Hi - I am really interested in your place!! I have a small dog and 2 cats and currently live in Bernal Heights, but am looking for a change from my living situation. I work at the SPCA, so my dog goes to work with me on a daily basis. Please e-mail me if you would like to meet! - Thank you!

BellJar said...

please contact me...if interested- 626 1749

Ali said...

that is soo so adorable. i am moving to the city october 15th and eventually bringing my very well-trained standard poodle. i am craft obsessed and regularly knit, spin yarn, sew, and draw. if this place isn't taken by the time i arrive, i'd love to see it and meet you. please contact me at 303-817-2866. i might even get my friend in the city to come see it and vouch for me if necessary!